Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hellloooo 2012

Well in case in the last 24 hrs you haven't turned on your TV, read your friends status updates, checked up on twitter, or looked at the calender... it's now the new year.. 2012! So that means new resolutions, new life, a better you, new beginning.. Like my friend jenny was yelling out at everyone last night through the streets.. "Out with the old.. In with the New"

2011  brought me...
New York
and Africa...

How I miss all those places and would go back in a heart beat..2011 was a good year for me. 
But now it's a new year and I know its only going to keep on getting better from here.  I'm just gonna do what i do best... Being me and living my life!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Immmm back.

Well it's been a minute hasn't it. 
118 days to be exact.
well this is what has been happening...


In June my mom took some of our coaches to puerto penasco, Mexico.
We went and worked in the Orphanage, helped paint their building and played with the kids.
Also fed some of the families in town.
and played on the beach of coarse!

Went to the Katy Perry concert with my sister kels.

Our house is up for sale!!

I turned 21!
Soph Soph and I went to NYC to go Visit jen jen.

(Yes I really took that pic :] )

Twilight Concerts

& Bachelor pad.

(Yes Im obsessed with this show..and not ashamed of it)

and well work of coarse.

My Cute gymnastics team.
Love these girls so much.

Hip & Humble..
Keeps me busy.. and pretty hip :]

Well that was my summer pretty much.
It was a good one.

Now Im ready for my next
2 weeks ♥

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


how i was going to start blogging my Journal
that's funny.
I'm funny.

I can not tell you how many times I go out and find myself a new cute Journal.
Writing on the first page, saying that I'm gonna be better
and stay consisted and write it in all the time. ha ya.. that only works for like a week...

In other news, It's June tomorrow...So excited for summer, as everyone else is I'm sure..
I wont be in the sun a ton, Mostly just work..
But it's okay, It's still summer... It still brings a smile upon my face.

& here's something that will always brighten up my day..

A little obsessed maybe..

Okay more like MAJOR obsessed!

(This one's for you Lauren)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Im Obsessed with her right now...

I don't know why..

Jealous maybe??
I just really like her...
and this SONG!
ooohhh I just get so happy
when this song comes on.. and jam out!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

High heels...

Do you think only certain people are made to wear high heels??
I love them....
I have them....
I want them....
But they hurt me!!

I don't understand how people can wear them all day... I can barely wear them to church for 3 hrs... Am I just a baby or something?!?

I don't know, Maybe I am.... but I still wear them, until i can't take it anymore.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Good Life..

Here is just a few pictures and highlights
of a trip of a life time i went on with 3 of my best friends, Jenny, Lexi, Jordan and my new friend Pheobe.

*Jet lag-asking for a higher class room-jo & i taking millions pictures of our self's-still JET LAG
 -eating some gross rice dish(thanks jen & Lex)
The start of Kinder Bars-
Catching our first Europe Plane*


*Cutest apartment-bus drivers on strike-Colosseum-Making wishes in the Trevi Fountain-
Spanish Steps-Jo's clothes falling apart-The Panteon-Patatine Hill-
Eating outside-Hot waiter-Best Pizza-The beautiful buildings-
Saint Peter's Basilica-Climbing to the top of St.Peter's-
Finding someone who knows actually how to take a picture of us-
Vatican City-Getting a tour through Vatican Museum-
Sistine chapel-Random Drinking Fountains-
9.50 Gelato-Kinder bars-
Catch a train... to our next stop*


*More Gelato's-Bus boats-Cute little 5 bedroom hotel- Murano glass rings-
Matching shirts and sweatshirts- losing and ripping matching shirts-
Gondola ride with my Italian lover- Chasing the birds-
Saint Mark's Square & Saint Mark's Basilica-
Our waiter, who came out of the closet-Dinner under the rain, by the water-
Marco's Polo House-Rialto Bridge-
"Are you American"- 89 choices of pizza-
Getting lost in Venice-Kinder Bars-
Rushing to the Airport,Literally almost missing the flight...*


*Eiffel Tower, Notre of Dame-Worst Chinese dinner-only one person can use the Internet at a time
Catacombs-Shopping-Meeting Peter(we all wanted to marry him)-
Starbucks-Arch of Triomphe-Teaching Lexi how to jump-
Taking naps in the parks-The Louve-Crepe's-Kinder Bars-
Give the girls feet massage's-Homeless stalker man-
Eiffel Tower at Night-
and back to the Airport...*


*Living with Art and Kay-Best Fish & Chips-Pub's-
Trying to talk with Irish Accent-St.Patricks home-Titanic-Kinder Bars
Ferry-our "10 Minute" walk to the beach-Castle of Lismore-
Kinsale City-The Disco-Getting a shout out on the Radio-
Flight #6

Our last Stop and My Favorite....


*Worst hotel ever-eating Indian food in the worst hotel ever-finding a new hotel-and finding a new hotel again- Hyde Park-Big Ben-Oxford Street-Big Bens Cookies-Buckingham Palace-
London Eye-Shopping at Primark-Harrods-WestMinster Abbey-London Bridge-Talking in a British accent-London Tower-9 3/4's Train station-Big Red Bus-
Losing our bus tickets-Running in the rain-WICKED!!!!-
The zoo club-Meeting some British & French boys-Maybe kissing some British & French boys-
Changing of the guards-An amazing Anthropology-
Millions of Red Phone Booth's, not just one-
Pulling an all nighter for our last night-
Packing for our last 2 flights to back home...*

**I will never forget this trip....Made Some great Memories...Good laughs.... Met some good people......**